Amateur Radio, HF SSB, Antennas, Repeaters


Optibeam: German engineering at it’s best. Welcome to a superior antenna manufacturer.

OB1-30: OB1-30

OB1-40: OB1-40

OB-1-80+ : OB1-80+

OB1-4030: OB1-4030

OB2-30: OB2-30

OB2-40: OB2-40

OB2-40M: OB2-40M

OB2-80+ :OB2-80+

OB2-80S: OB2-80S

OB3-30: OB3-30

OB3-80+ : OB3-80+

OB4-2: OB4-2

OB4-40: OB4-40

OB5-6: OB5-6

OB5-10: OB5-10

OB5-12: OB5-12

OB5-15: OB5-15

OB5-17: OB5-17

OB5-20: OB5-20

OB6-2W: OB6-2W

OB6-3M: OB6-3M

OB6-6: OB6-6

OB7-2: OB7-2

OB7-3: OB7-3

OB8-4M: OB8-4M

OB9-2: OB9-2

OB9-5: OB9-5

OB10-3W: OB10-3W

OB11-3: OB11-3

OB11-5: OB11-5

OB12-4: OB12-4

OB12-6: OB12-6

OB13-6: OB13-6

OB15-7: OB15-7

OB16-3: OB16-3

OB18-6: OB18-6

OB1210Monobander: OB1210 Monobander

OB1510: OB1510

OB4020: OB804020

OB4030: OB4030

OB804020: OB804020

OB804030: OB804030

OBW10-5: OBW10-5




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